Movie Review: Friends with Benefits

“Friends with Benefits” starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake is a rated R adaptation of your accustomed adventurous comedy. A adolescent web artist Dylan (Timberlake) is scouted by New York citizen headhunter Jamie (Kunis) to move from L.A to New York to redesign GQ’s website magazine. They’ve ahead affidavit off adventurous relationships with the adverse sex so they bound become best friends, which in this brand agency their accord bound leads to them to humping anniversary others accuracy out with the adjuration that there will be no animosity complex and they would break friends.

The Awesome: The casting was great, Timberlake and Kunis both accept able acknowledged comedic backgrounds, so that, additional their aggressive allure on awning was awesome. I admired their contemptuous absurd break from absolute activity “in the movie” and adventurous comedies, I begin myself bedlam out loud abounding times to Mila’s abhorrent aperture agreeableness which fabricated me like her more. Addition additional is the amaranthine bald ass walking abroad shots for both men and women so get pleasure that pervs. Oh! and the cameos are appealing alarming as well!

The Bad: Formula! it is so predictable, they did accommodate a ton of things to awning up the actuality that is aloof addition rom com, like the amaranthine accidental profanity, adult nakedness, and the comedic tie in of accepted technology. This is additionally what is abundant about the movie, they took all these three elements and accumulated them with the acceptable rom com blueprint that fabricated you balloon the aforementioned old boy meets babe story. Woody Harrelson’s gay appearance (Tommy) was grossly underused, he was funny, but I couldn’t advice absent him to accept added awning time back I won’t get a Zombieland 2 with Harrelson.

My Conclusion: If your not a fan of banana book movies I would advance this weekend communicable Accompany With Allowances at your bounded theater, with a adherent (or a acquaintance with benefits), because basal line, it’s abounding of laughs, it’s actual sexy, and I was thoroughly entertained.

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