Movie Review: Never Let Me Go

3 months it's been, and I have been which means to acquire a hold of this film. I have observed the trailer above and above and more than yet again and all I needed to do was to satisfy myself by treating to "Never let me go". I have to come clean and confess Keira Knightley is 1 purpose I was so convinced on watching this. Also it seemed that it had been a romance movie accomplished having a inventive unorthodox course in thoughts. Does it sell? Nicely there is only on way to find out! 2 academy award nominees (Knightley & Mulligan) and golden globe nominee Andrew Garfield, so far the odds are for the movie, seems like the star cast is check! "The Pirates of the Caribbean" "The Social Network" & "Wall Street-Money Never Sleeps" movies from last year and movies that are highly unlikely to have already been missed by you. In this case I've got the initial introduction of the stars out of the way since they did some great work on the above titles.

Quite like POTC Keira Knightley (Ruth) did not have her work cut out simple for her, a face that we have made a habit to love since she set sail with Jack Sparrow (there's a captain in there somewhere!) has to sail through us from the good the bad the ugly and all the way through to redemption. Tough-one to pull through I would say, I mean once you have stereo typed yourself amongst the fans as a person who is lovable cunning and romantic from POTC. Personally I felt there was much room for her to flaunt her obvious talent however seems like she holds it in but yet seems to have sold it off effectively as per the IMDB ratings?-.Carey Mulligan & Andrew Garfield on the other hand smashes it out of the park and it properly clears the lines, tough 1 as well on the stars however the unorthodox directorial approach and also the aura of the theme kind of gets a total boost onto extreme levels with these performances and also the supporting cast who have very limited screen time, it's almost as if they are all invisible.

Ruth, Kathy & Tommy are schooled at an institution which looks more like a facility right out of "Shutter Island" Not in every aspect though, it's just that there is a lot of secrets going within the walls of Hailsham. This secret is not ethical as the ones you see in Hogwarts mind you. The time and place is set on a parallel dimension within our world I would say, since such inhuman acts can never be a norm in our society. In times where medical sciences allow people to have life expectancies surpassing a 100 years! Felt a bit like post world war as effectively although some of the timelines don't fall in line. During the very early years at Hailsham the kids discover the reality and the dark secret behind their existence, it came as a shock to the kids as it was for me. Amidst all of this Kathy seems to have a softer side in her heart for Tommy. Just as in any love story there has to be a complication, and in this case it had been Ruth who succeeded in taking Tommy right away from Cathy for almost eternity. At the age of 18 the kids are transferred to cottages until they are called for by science. This cottage is the closest they happen to be with the real world up until this point. Sounds a bit like you're watching "The Village" all more than once more.

Are you thinking what I am thinking at this point? What in the world sort of twisted love story are they trying to cook up? What exactly they are trying to market in this film is quite unclear, for those of you have watched it would agree and for those of you have not; don't say I did not warn you. As mentioned the unorthodox directorial does loose some points in this area, since it is felt thoroughly disconnected. Some of you Aronofsky fans may have a ball with the movie, however for those of you who prefer more dialogue over silence, think twice before you sit for this 1. Director Mark Romaneks' hearts in the right place and I've to give credit, since it's a challenge to always tread over the safety lines in Hollywood. This can hurt if carried out carelessly. In my perspective he pulled it through. Not as much for Oscar nods, however I believe he just made himself known for being unorthodox, just some of the greats!

In movies like this, it is always the endings that score the extra points and makes the audience go "a that was mind-blowing, that ending was simply orgasmic!" Does that happen in "Never Let Me Go"? The ending does score points however it is purely subjective and it would differ, in my case, it had been a waste of my time, however you as a reader may enjoy the silver lining more than I did.

Great TRAILER though!

Title: Never Let Me Go

Directed by: Mark Romanek

Starring: Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan & Andrew Garfield

Rated: R for some sexuality and Nudity

Rating: 05/10

103 Mins

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